Saturday, July 19, 2014

Phone Photography Project 2

I am taking the 2nd version of this class offered at Big Picture Classes. The first lesson was about Light. There is so much to learn and I am excited.

This was my first attempt at using light   This was taken from the back of the bike coming home from Manitoba close to Bradwell. I used snap seed to edit. 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saturday, March 22, 2014

12 Weeks to Love Yourself Week TWO complete

After this one I have to start doing these post more often.

Week Two Body - The Challenge was about detoxifying our bodies.  Showing a visual representation of how our bodies are changing and healing from the inside out.

This was made using Detox kit and freebies by Lynne-Marie and Michelle Godin

 Week Two Mind - This challenge was a tough one again.  It was to be based on journalling about your dreams from long ago and how you nurtured them (or abandoned them).  For this layout I used the Dream Papers and Elements from Lynne-Marie

 Week Two Soul - This weeks Challenge was called Believe.  The layout was based on 10 reasons why I can achieve my goals and dreams.  However I apparently don't read instructions well because I technically only did six!  I hate reading directions.  LOL.

I love that I used a bunch of new techniques on this layout (new to me).  This layout was made using items from Believe a collab from Lynn-Marie and Valeria of Little Butterfly Wings

12 weeks to Love Yourself Full Week ONE

I am loving this 12 week group on The Lily Pad 

Lynne-Marie is amazing for starting this and sharing it with all of us.

I am actually keeping up with this.

Each week there are three parts Body, Soul and Mind

These are all my layouts so far.  It is hard to believe how much you can learn about yourself when someone gives you the ideas.

Week One Body - Challenge was to make a page divided.  One side showing your best physical feature and the other side describing current health and effects on your body, etc.
 This page made with Lynne Marie's Beautiful Me freebies and kit available here  

Week One Mind - Challenge was made using Traces Kit by Lynne Marie and Template by Amy Martin  Make a timeline of where you came from to get here describing your achievements (other than kids) and what you had to sacrifice to get here.

This was such a tough one.

Week One Soul - This was made using "Grace" items from Lynne Marie and Sara Gleason at TLP.  The challenge was to fill page with journalling about past hurts and then cover with beauty.  This was kind of a fun one.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Week 12 free week

I can't believe that I take so many selfies. I guess that my confidence is up and that makes me feel good. 

This week I broke out my spring colored clothes. I love this orange sweater. The scarf is new and I love it. It is Italian silk. 

Project Love Me

The prompt for week 9 was reflection. Stan was on call and while driving on the freeway I opted to take this photo. Love that I can see my phone case too.

Week 10 - Early in the morning

This was taken on my way to the gym. I don't go as a fashion star. Just go to get myself fit. This is also my new shirt. It says "Better sore than sorry"

Week 11 - Favorite
Stan has no issue with me sitting in his bike. I think he actually likes it. Makes me comfortable on the bike. That makes him more comfortable. We can't wait till snow is gone so we can go riding again!

Catch up (again)

So here I am again playing catch up. 

I am doing the work just not the posting. 

Week 8 - Outside - Brrr it was a cold day in hell (I mean Saskatoon). But warm enough for a quick walk. 

Week 7 - Red  I don't really wear much red but pink works right?  
Here is my week 6 #ssdprojectloveme. The prompt was free week

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Lily Pad and Lynne Marie's 12 Week Challenge

Since I seem to be on some sort of Love Me kick I decided to take on Lynne Marie's Challenge at The Lily Pad.

12 Weeks to Love Yourself

Here is my week one Body Layout:

 This is a close up on my journalling about my fave asset:

This is the journalling for my current health:

All items are by Lynne Marie at The Lily Pad "Beautiful Me" 

Week five. Best asset

Week five. Best asset by kenzi1
Week five. Best asset, a photo by kenzi1 on Flickr.
Stan would probably say I have better assets than my smile but I will go with Smile.

Catch up

I really suck at the whole blog thing.  I guess because I know it is really for me and no one else.

This post will be a catch up post.


Saturday, January 11, 2014

Project Love Me 2014

While doing some shopping over at Sweet Shoppe Designs I decided to check out the forum pages and see if in 2014 I can become more than just a shopper and start to be part of the group.

I decided to join the Project Love Me.   So Far we are on week two.  I have also joined the Facebook Group.  I actually really have been loving taking selfies this past 6 or so months so I love this idea.

I will be posting my weekly photo here too.  Will get me to blog more often.

Here is Week ONE:

And Here is Week TWO:


Alright 2014 is here and I have a chance to get things on track this year.

I am going to Start AND FINISH Project Life this year.

Here is my Title Page: